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Official Pearson PTE Academic textbook review

Because this is a relatively new test there are very limited resources to prepare students for the PTE English Test. In comparison, every library and book store has a wide variety of books dedicated to IELTS, but sadly very few for PTE Academic. If you are thinking about taking the test then the first step is to get the official guide. The major advantage of the official guide is that you will get the CD-ROM and Audio CD which contain practice speaking and listening sections as well as model responses.

Opening Chapters: The opening two chapters cover the features and structure of the test as well as how to read the score report, creating a study plan and general test taking tips.

Main Body: The main body of the covers the specific item types of the four sections of the test: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Each chapter first gives and overview of the skills and the task types’ length and time to answer. For example for the speaking section there are five different item types: read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, re-tell lecture and answer short question.

For each item type there is a description of the task and a picture of how it will appear on the test screen. There is an explanation of how it is scored. For example ‘read aloud’ is marked based on: content, oral fluency and pronunciation. Then there are some strategies to help you maximise your score. Finally there is a practice. For the speaking and writing sections there are model responses.

CD-ROM: The CD-ROM includes three practice tests which are really essential practice for anyone wanting to take the test. There are very few resources, practice tests, so doing the official practice tests is essential. The CD-ROM is really the most valuable part of the book/CD-ROM package.

Doing the practice tests on the CD-ROM will increase your familiarity with the test format and the feeling of doing speaking on a screen. Because candidates need to take the test on a computer, there are a number of differences from an IELTS test. One of the most important is that if a candidate stops speaking for more than three seconds then the program will assume that they have finished and will go onto the next question automatically. If this happens then you will probably get either 0 or a very low score. The other extremely important point to note is that candidates can return to previous questions in reading or writing. Once you finish it is done forever.




Here is is:

PTE Official-Guide Textbook

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