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International Parties – Wednesdays

There are international parties in Melbourne where you can meet people from Australian and all over the world! At the events you take a sticker to show your nationality, and another sticker for the language or culture you are interested in. You can meet people based on their nationality and the languages that they can speak and are learning. So for example if you are Japanese and learning English then you can find people who are English speakers who are learning Japanese. There are many Australians who are learning foreign languages. If no one is learning your language, that’s no problem, the events are very friendly and a great way to practice your English and make more friends.

The events are well organised, easy to find and free to attend. The events usually have between 50 and 200 people. If you want to eat or drink something then you will need to pay, but it is quite affordable.One of our staff take students to the events on Mondays and Wednesdays. Click to see our full schedule of after-school events. We will help you find the events, know the best ways to be involved and enjoying a great social life in Melbourne.