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Level Up Languages

Mandarin Chinese

As the world pivots towards the East, understanding Chinese language and culture is becoming more and more valuable. With our qualified teachers you can improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our beginner level classes focus on pinyin and tones and develop your speaking and listening as you build your confidence. You will learn the basic grammar needed to express yourself and understand others.

Our classes introduce characters and a broader range of vocabulary. You also develop your ability to express more complicated ideas through grammar

Our Mandarin Chinese course will help you learn the vocabulary and grammar as well as the four macro skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. At Level Up English you will have:

  • Qualified, native speaking teachers who have a background in education and linguistics
  • Dedicated classrooms with drinks and snacks – not in a cafe
  • Opportunities to participate in other events we run such as the Marco Polo Project (Chinese and English translation group)


Private Lessons for Mandarin Chinese $40 1 lesson x 1 hour
$70 1 lesson x 2 hours
Two Person Lessons $30 1 lesson x 1 hour
$55 1 lesson x 2 hours
More than three people lessons $25 1 lesson x 1 hour



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