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Level Up Languages


Learning English is much more than just taking tests and exams, but they are still an important part of the process.

At Level Up English we use a combination of methods to make sure you are making progress. All of these involve the student, teacher and director of studies working together.

Chapter tests – Each week we cover one chapter from the text book. In this chapter there will be vocabulary and grammar. These take about 30 minutes to complete, and then we mark them together in class. This is a way of reviewing the material you have learnt that week.

Oral presentations – Each level in our courses runs for 10 weeks. During these ten weeks you give one 10 – 15 minute oral presentation about a topic related to the course.

Folio – All students develop a body of work called a ‘folio’. This includes handouts from class, homework, writing activities as well as chapter tests and feedback from your oral presentation. All of these are kept together in a folder, which the director of studies will review when you apply to level up.

Leveling Up – To level up you need to have completed at least 8 weeks of the course and an oral presentation. You apply to level up with reception, and then you make a time to meet the director of studies. The director of studies will review your folio and have a short interview to see if you are ready for the next level. We will not level up students who are not ready because this will hurt the student’s progress, make it more difficult for teachers to communicate at the right level and may impact on the other classmates in pair and group work.